OAPFF PEER Supporter

Mike Gorman
Phone: 513-477-9293

Mike Gorman has been with the Hamilton Fire Department since November 2014 after 5 years with the City of Memphis Fire Department. He possesses a Bachelor’s from University of Memphis and will be finishing up his Masters in Public Administration in early 2018. A husband to the “luckiest girl in the world” and a dad to two boys, he cherishes every second he gets to spend with his family. Mike enjoys cooking and sharing his southern experience with the guys.

I was and probably still am young and naïve. When I entered the fire service I did not understand that the repeated exposure to critical incidents would have a toll on my family and me. What I have learned is that we all handle stress and this job differently, and that is ok. Sometimes we just need someone to listen and that is what I’m here for and if I can’t help I sure will find someone who can.