PEER Supporters

Austintown Fire Department, Local 3356

Phone: 330-402-1931

Mike has served as a pastor since 1993 in Kentucky and Ohio.  Currently, Mike is the Senior Pastor at Four Mile Run Christian Church. Mike began serving as a Chaplain with the Austintown Fire Department in 2015 and the Austintown Police

Chad Zambori, Cumberland Trail Fire District, Local 3667

Phone: 740-296-0031
Chad Zambori

My name is Chad Zambori and I am a Lieutenant at Cumberland Trail Fire District. I also hold the position of President in Local 3667. I’m very proud of each position and how all of our employees handle every situation.

Tracey Wright, Youngstown Fire Department, Local 312

Phone: 330-507-2725
Tracey Wright

Tracey began a career in EMS in 1989, became a paramedic in 1991, and was appointed to Youngstown Fire Department in 1993. She retired as a Captain in 2020.

Brian Garber, Canton Fire Department, Local 249

Phone: 330-801-0236
Brian Garber

Brian Garber began in the fire service as a volunteer in 1998. He became a paramedic in 2004 and appointed to the City of Canton Fire Department in 2007.

Scott Elliott, Cambridge Fire Department, Local 910

Phone: 740-680-6237
Scott Elliott

Scott Elliott is a Captain with the Cambridge Fire Department, on the job for seventeen years. He also currently serves as the V.P. for the Cambridge Firefighters Local 910.